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#ACB2K18 Actualización / Update 2.1 RELEASED

¡Hola chicos!, Hemos lanzado la Actualización 2.1 para nuestro # ACB2K18, para actualizar el mod, tienes que descargar el Roster Update 01-25-2018 y el Main Directory Files 3 (Obviamente tienes que tener descargado el Main Directory Files 1)

Hello guys, we have released the Update 2.1 for our #ACB2K18, to update the mod, you have to download the Roster Update 01-25-2018 and the Main Files Directory Files 3 (Obviously you have to download Main Directory Files 1 if you didn´t do that)

Pass: dnaobb



- Hemos corregido el nombre del equipo de Anadolu Istanbul a Anadolu Efes Istanbul
- Hemos corregido los uniformes de Anadolu Efes Istanbul.
- Nuevo portrait para Sloukas ha sido añadido
- Cara actualiazada para Ryan Kelly (Betis)
- Hemos añadido uniformes de Euroliga para los árbitros.


- We have fixed the name of the Anadolu Istanbul team to "Anadolu Efes Istanbul"
- We have fixed the  Anadolu Efes Istanbul uniforms.
- New portrait for Sloukas has been added
- New updated cyberface for Ryan Kelly (Betis)
- We have added Euroleague uniforms for the referees.


  1. Please more faces for Red Star Belgrade,Rochestie,Feldeine and Lessort,only 2 players have faces Pero Antic and Bjelica please more!And numbers on home (white-red) jeresy are gold,but onli FRONT numbers,back numbers are red...please in next update,this is very good mod,but it can be fantastic!!

  2. and Keselj is not even playing a minute and you putted him starting lineup,please fix that


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