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NBA 2K17 D-League Patch Released

NBA 2K17 D-League Patch

Important Notes:

D-League is a free mod for the NBA 2K17 PC version created by a NBA 2K fan.
If you have not NBA 2K17 you can buy it in your local store the physical version or on Steam the digital version:


This mod adds to your NBA 2K17 the 22 NBA D-League Teams with their Jerseys, LogosOfficial Ball and Scoreboard. Also this mod contains a roster based in some current and retro players of NBA D-League and young players of each NBA team.
In the future this mod will be updated with new content and features.

Special Thanks to:

gregkwaste - For the NBA 2K17 Explorer
Limnono/TBM - For the External  File Plugin
exrxixxx - For the NBA TV Scoreboard
TBM - For the D-League Scoreboard template.
dari0usgam3r - For Santa Cruz logos and some textures.
SkillzFromThe6 - For some textures and logos
Daniel_Ramone - For the Jersey Selection template

Instructions and Download Links:

1. Buy NBA 2K17 PC in your favourite store or on Steam.
2. To install this mod you need to download the External File Plugin for NBA 2K17, you can find it here:

3. Download all the parts (10 rar files) of this Patch.

 4. Extract the content of each rar in your "Modded" folder of your NBA 2K17 folder.

5. In game you must load my roster " Shuajota D-League" before to play.
6. Enjoy.

Downlaod Links:

Password: Shuajota


Team Logos:

Logos Pack 1:
Logos Pack 2:
Logos Pack 3:
Logos Pack 4:

D-League Ball:

Roster (Steam):
Name: Shuajota D-League

Roster Offline:
Copy the content in Steam/ 85760 folder.


This mod was created by Shuajota, a NBA 2K fan who dedicated a lot of hours and effort. Please respect his work and  NOT redistribute the download links without his permission. 

All trademarks and in-game images featured in this patch are property of their respective owners. This blog is not associated with and/or endorsed by Visual Concepts/2K Sports or NBA/NBA D-League.

If you would learn more about this or tell me some ideas, you can send me an email to


  1. Hey Man great work, I was wondering, would it be possible for you to make a college patch, like pick 30 NCAA teams and do the same thing, it would be really cool, thanks again though for this great mod.

  2. Fiba or European league! Many teams are missing from the official release!

  3. ung files mo my virus

  4. Please fix link on
    "D-League Ball:"
    Link does not exist.

    Thank you.


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